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Curved metal bent by press brake

Press Brake Folding

Press brake
Amada 4000mm 220 Tonne CNC Press Brake



Our latest press brake offers an improved user interface allowing jobs to be programmed faster, reducing set-up costs for our customers. Its 2200kN force capacity enhances our in-house capabilities, helping to meet the growing demand. The CNC Back Gauge dramatically reduces the time delays between individual folds, reducing the lead times for our customers. Its CNC Back Gauge and 4 meter long bed combined allows for a greater number of multi-station configurations. This means parts are only handled once when transformed from a flat to a fully formed component. This increases the speed of folding projects and reduces the cost for our customers. The latest S-GRIP tooling holders have not only increase operator safety but have also increased productivity by more than 50% due to their quick release, no tool features.

Stainless steel sheet bent by press brake.jpg

Tech Spec

  • Capacity – 2200kN

    • Capable of 4000mm Long Folds on 6mm Mild Steel

    • Capable of 4000mm Long Folds on 4mm Stainless Steel

  • Beam Length – 4280mm

  • Table Width - 180mm

  • Distance Between Frames - 3760mm

  • Throat Depth - 420mm

  • Stroke – 200mm

  • Maximum Back Gauge Displacement – 1020mm

  • 5 Axis CNC Back Gauge

Press brake
Geometric pattern wireframe design with lines connected by dots

For exceptional product quality, technical capability, and metal innovation combined, contact A&N Engineering to discuss your project requirements.

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