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Timesavers Deburring Centre
Metallic Pieces



Often the case with our end products is that manufactured components are accessible to unprotected hands. Sharp edges and burrs, that are created through the manufacturing process, present a risk of minor injuries to the end users such as production operators, hygiene cleaners, and engineers. Not only this, but they also create opportunities to reduce the lifespan of components such as conveyor belts and seals.


Our deburring machine offers a multitude of advantages to complement our fabrication service. The automated nature of this machine means, in comparison to manual finishing techniques, parts can be deburred at an unrivalled speed and completed with a finish that is consistent between parts.


The Dual Rotary Brush Design can round the sharp edges of parts with complex external and internal contours. Using this technique, it is also possible to create edge rounding deburring without removing or damaging the protective films supplied on stock sheets.

Tech Spec

  • Maximum Part Width – 1100mm

  • Maximum Part Thickness – 100mm

  • Deburring Type – Deburring, Graining and Edge Rounding

  • Minimum part size 50mm x 50mm

The 1100mm Wide abrasive belt can also apply a finish to Stainless Steel that will match the Standard 240 Grit Dull Polish Finish received from the Stockists.

To learn more about how we can assist with your project, contact A&N Engineering and a member of our dedicated team will be happy to help.

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